Perspective Cavaliere (xstepsahead) wrote,
Perspective Cavaliere

 Good lord when will I learn to stay away from any political discussions on facebook? I should know by now that the broad majority of people reading my posts are a hopeless accumulation of middle-class socialists whose only sacrifice to their comfortable cause is to push envelopes in a box every few years and to adopt shocked postures from the wealthy enough and comfortable heights of their moral high-grounds every time mass conformism becomes fashionable enough to be exalting again. The outcome of any such discussion I could have predicted even before the events that have triggered such discussion, and the cause of the disagreement is rooted in ideas at a level those people are either unwilling or unable to question. I see more totalitarian consensus behind this blissful collective grief and sudden unity within the communitie(s) than I have ever seen in a few lone-gun maniacs or far right demonstrations. 

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    “I do not demand any right, therefore I need not recognize any either.” – M. Stirner

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    Lygia Clark Espaço Modulado [Modulated Space], 1958 ‘ I manipulate the rite without the myth’

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